Collection: Rodney White

I have been dabbling in art since pre-k, when I would rush through class assignments to get first dibs on the big box of scrap paper in the back of the class. That love for the empty surface quickly found all the blank pages in the fronts and backs of our encyclopedia collections ripped out. "Those sheets were put there for me" I thought. And no one ever noticed. The past has always been something that I've felt we could/should learn from, and advertising has always been a reflection of the desires and societal norms that are driven into the hearts and minds of consumers. Well... what if those driven desires became more positively influential on our minds and inner beings? Thus, giving us something to take into the way we live our lives, and approach the world around us. I try to express my aspiration to live my best life, through my fascination with poetry, typography, numerology, vintage signs and advertising design. And through this method I try to encourage others to do the same. This is my way of learning, teaching, and inspiring. I also love the natural deterioration of things, whether they are surfaces or objects. Things that have developed an aged, experienced look. Dirty things like antique labels, vintage posters and old books. Art will be around a long time to come- and what better messages to leave behind. No one ever gets tired of feeling good....No one should.