Collection: Roederick Vine

Born in Toledo, Ohio in 1949, Roederick (a/k/a “Rody”) studied fine art and illustration at the Columbus College of Art and design in Columbus, OH. Roederick lived in Los Angeles, California for several years before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Sharron in 1993.

Diversity of expression is the key ingredient noticed when viewing a body of Roederick’s works. Many viewers express that more than one artist created the work. Roederick’s gift of multi-expression, using a variety of mediums, ranks him among the most versatile artists of this era. Roederick undoubtedly paints the human figure well. His goal is to unmask his skill in the three dimensionality of the human figure expressed in the form of sculpture in the near future.

Roederick’s works are on display at various galleries across the country. Collectors, both professionally and commercially agree that owning a VINES original is affordable, wise and a timeless investment.