Collection: C Babi Bayoc

Cbabi Bayoc art work is created at the Bayoc Studio which is comprised of two individuals Cbabi (pronounced KUH-BOBBY) and Reine (pronounced RAIN) Bayoc. Cbabi is the visual element of this productive union, whose style has a movement and presence expressive of someone born to be creative. His technique has been labeled "caricaturist"; because he plays off faces, putting strong emphasis on lips, noses, eyes, and all other body parts. Cbabi became a full time artist in 1995, after graduating from Grambling State University. Cbabi's name, which is an acronym for Creative Black Artist Battling Ignorance and Blessed African Youth of Creativity, allows others to realize his mission and blessing in life. Through his artwork, he is able to show the beauty in black faces and black life to all faces and all walks of life. Because of his respect for his craft, Cbabi allows his style to change as it desires. Because of this, he asks that you memorize his signature, instead of stitching him onto a particular look and genre.