Collection: Gerald Ivey


"...with every piece of my surroundings, I shall express my emotions by being creatively sound."

Gerald is a native of Florida. At an early age, he exhibited exceptional artistic abilities. Throughout elementary school and high school, his teachers and schoolmates relied upon him to create bulletin boards, banners, and logos. Their approval and appreciation of his artistic acumen encouraged him to spend hundreds of hours practicing various art forms and techniques.

Later, after trying out many different mediums and art forms, Gerald decided to study at the Atlanta College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA. Since, he has spent years perfecting multiple artistic strategies. His style is his own and incredibly colorful and unique. Ivey has been selling his work for over 15 years and is widely collected all over the world!

Ivey is an artist who is never satisfied with his creativity. He continues to surpass his skill as a master of his trade and incorporates various levels of texture, intense color, and mixed media to his canvases. He is an illustrator, painter, sculptor, designer, and artist unlike any you have witnessed. It is not uncommon to find his work on other mediums other than canvas, such as: clothing, wood, metal, paper, or even furniture!

His work is collected by many and reveled by his intensity of shape, color, and texture. He has been privately commissioned to do installations in many private residences and murals beginning at an amazing 8' tall and beyond.

His work is unique, refreshing, and tirelessly creative!

"release your spirit and it shall return, for it never left!"