Collection: Jerry and Terry Lynn

Terry and Jerry Lynn are identical twin brothers who paint collaboratively under the pseudonym. What is remarkable in their collaboration, however, is the that they often work on a piece at the same time, seamlessly merging their styles techniques and contribution to create a fully realized work that bears no evidence of having been the work of two artists.

The artists were born and still live in a suburb outside of Memphis, Tn. They were encouraged and supported early on in their love of art by their parents and later attended the University of Memphis.

They acknowledge various influences on their work but a dominant one is the vibrant blues and jazz scene of Beale Street in their native city, Memphis. A southern flavor flows through much of their work, yet their abstract paintings have a markedly modern and cosmopolitan flair.

The twins and their work work have been featured in publications and on television and they have exhibited in galleries across the U.S. Other credits include official artist of the 1988 Essence Music Awards in New York City, and artist for the official poster for the 1997 Philadelphia Art Expo.