Collection: George Hunt

George Hunt is an artist with a gift for seeing things differently than most people. Born in 1940 in rural Lake Charles, Louisiana. George was delivered into the world in a sugarcane field by the hands of his great grandmother. His single mother, grandmother, and great grandmother reared him.

Mr. Hunt's formal education came from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, where he received a BA degree in 1960. In the early sixties he studied under Hale Woodruff. "I've always liked Picasso's work," says George Hunt. He also learned a lot from artist such as Romare Bearden, Charles Alston, and Modigliani. The person who he feels had the most impact on his work although informally, was Dewitt Jordan.

George Hunt personal "stamp" on the cubism style of painting includes collage, vibrant colors, and lively texture. The bold colors are reminiscent of His childhood experiences of going to church and seeing women wearing very colorful hats. Today much of Hunt's work is influenced by African American experiences in the South.