Collection: Kevin A Williams


Kevin A. Williams, commonly known as WAK (his initials in reverse) is a self-taught artist who, as a child living in Chicago's South Side, became fascinated with painting. At the age of 15, he started working as an artist on Chicago's Historic East 87th Street Black Business District, drawing and painting images for clothing boutiques and hair salons. At 19, he became a cosmetology illustrator for Soft Sheen hair products which eventually led to a commission from Alberto Culver USA, to create Standing Appointment; which depicts 4 women under hair, for their Motions hair care line. Over the years he has developed a very refined figurative painting style that utilizes acrylic and sometimes airbrush techniques and he has also developed a large and loyal following since he entered the art print market with the release of his first reproduction of the print titled 'Taking her Back'

In addition to being arguably the top-selling artist in the Black print market, his inspirational, political, and romantic themed prints have been featured in numerous films and television shows including Law and Order and Soul Food. He has also been included in publications such as Essence and Upscale magazines.

He has enjoyed significant commissions including Motions, the hair-care company, and recently, the late actor Bernie Mac. Kevin Williams lives and works in the Atlanta area.

Kevin A. Williams' art is widely circulated fine art. Diverse in its themes, the art is painted by Williams in mixed mediums, and then produced in limited edition quantities. Williams also creates a number of commissioned works annually. As the best-selling artist in the African-American print market, Williams is a popular personality at national art shows, conferences of African-American groups and major international events, including the Essence Music Festival. His art has been featured on television's Law & Order (NBC) and Soul Food (Showtime). Kevin A. Williams recent years have included commissioned work for celebrities, such as televisions host and movie producer Oprah Winfrey and comedian Bernie Mac, as well as corporate clients. He formed SoulVisions in May 2003.