McCrary Elginia

Unlike many artists who are recognized by a particular style or technique, this is not true of the works by Elginia McCrary. Her creations encompass various innovative methods, from her unique use of the palette knife, to her stylized elongated figures, her respouses and her one of a kind mask. Each style and technique is distinctively unique from the other yet, when the different styles are put together it can be clearly seen that they are the works of the same artist. Elginia images embrace moments in time. Her feelings are captured in these words, �I feel there is more than one way of expressing emotions and segments of time in ones life. Art is a channel from the artist to the viewer and this channel can be comprised of many creative techniques�. Her purpose is to create images that will touch the lives and hearts of people of all ages, cultures and races. Follow her works closely. �As there are inroads and changes in the tapestry of ones life, so it is with art�.

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