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Lavarne Ross is an internationally known artist. Lavarne is a native of his beloved Flint, Michigan. Lavarne states, I was born an artist. This is a god-given talent that I feel really blessed to be part of, because I feel 'Art' is 'Me' it is 'Us'."

Lavarne does more with his artwork than appeal to the visual senses, he relays a message, tells a story, or reveals a part of history. Viewers of his compositions marvel at the fluid images of his most popular series. Following some advice given a long time ago, paint what you know, I strive to reflect my heritage and vision through my paintings. Today, the reflection of his other resources comes forth from the canvas where Ross depicts family life, ancestry, music, and religion.

Lavarne Ross currently resides in Mount Morris, Michigan. Whenever the opportunity lends itself, Lavarne works with and encourages aspiring young artists to appreciate and pursue the gift God has given them.

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