Collection: Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson

Born August 29, 1976, in Robinsdale, Minnesota, Robert is the youngest of six siblings, including a twin sister. Ever since childhood Robert knew that he was destined to be an artist.

Robert has always viewed his work of art, as he does with music, to be a story that he is sharing. It was once stated that it takes days to read a book, it takes hours to watch a movie, but the story one gains from a work of art is captured in a matter of seconds.

He has displayed art in collaboration with Dr. John Bigger (The Celebration of Life Project) and Helen De Michelle at the Walker Arts Musuem (The Listening Project). He has also created and sold several murals, one of which is still on display at McDonald's in Robinsdale, Minnesota.

After attending the College of Visual Arts in St, Paul, Minnesota for three years, Robert moved to Tucson, Arizona and completed his education at Prescott College.

Today Robert resides in Tucson, Arizona and continues to create art that journals his life story as an African American male in America who has been blessed with the gift of art.