Collection: Shelton Gillis

During high school at Long Beach Poly, Gillis continued drawing and painting as the  

  request grew for his work from teachers, friends and family. He then took several art  

  classes including advanced art,  which gave him the opportunity to enter art contest 

  in the Long Beach area were he won several awards.  However, most of his awards 

  came from basketball during high school and in his senior year he was offered a full

  4 year Athletic Scholarship to play basketball at Hawaii University, on the Big Island.

  As his journey continued through college, Gillis was recognized by the University for 

  several of his art pieces which were displayed in various locations on campus. After  

  graduating from college with a BS degree in Business Management, he entered the 

  corporate world but his love for painting remand true, which lead to an inspired art  

  piece called "Knowledge is Game".  A local art gallery displayed the original for feed

  back and comments, which caught the eye of local L.A. artist Kenneth Gatewood,  

  who is regarded as one the best watercolor artist in the world. Gatewood decided to

  published the image and the rest has been a path way of opportunity to share his

  creativity and mind through his art.

  Shelton was encouraged and inspired by his parents Stanley and Shirley each in

  their own special ways. Gillis explains, "My family members on all levels have truly

  been supportive of my art from a young boy until this very day

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