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Danny Broadway loved art at a very young age while drawing horses with his sister, Shuanta. He later decided to take his craft seriously during high school where he received grooming and constant motivation from a dedicated instructor. Now a young adult, Danny has earned a degree in Fine Arts from The University of Memphis where his paintings were chosen two years in a row for the Black History Month posters. He also taught art to junior high through high school students in the Memphis City School System and at the Memphis College of Art. Danny's goal is to provide youths with the same hope he found in disciplined creativity. Always in motion, like his paintings, Broadway seeks constantly to develop his skill by exposure to new things. He's traveled to Africa & Europe. Broadway is a quiet man but his paintings, sometimes loudly evocative, he delivers his ideas with resounding eloquence. He has gained a reputation for creating pieces that speak to the soul, moving the heart with mixtures of vibrant color and texture unrivaled.

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