This self taught artist from Philadelphia has been well accepted in the art community in his first year. Expressing his acceptance in Christ and some political issues has taken many by surprise wondering what is to be expected in 2004.

When asked if he considered himself a spiritual or concept artist he replied, "I paint images which are a part of my everyday life. God, love, simply living trying to be the best I can at what ever I am trying to accomplish that day. I just love what I do and when I walk out into the world each day, there is so much to see, so much to paint. For tomorrow is not promised. So today I will say what I can, do as I must and paint what I can even if it's just one stroke."

Edwin Lester (18)

Anti Aportion


Strangely Fruitful


Day One, The Beginning




Tough to Swallow (His)


Tough To Swallow (Hers)


You are what you eat (His)


Day One (The Creation of Women)


Day One (The Creation Of Man)

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