Collection: Maurice Evans

Within a few brief years, Maurice Evans has established himself as on of the best in the field of Black Art. His work has delighted countless collectors of African-American art. Heavily influenced by music, his series of paintings entitled, "The Colour of Jazz", although contemporary, tends to remind the viewer of a time when jazz was paramount. No matter the subject or whether the works are executed on paper, wood or canvas - the texture, intense colors, strong emotion and unusual, exaggerated perspectives, are what define a Maurice Evans painting.

Maurice was born in the small town of Smyrna, Tennessee, on the now now-existent Sewart Air Force Base. He is the only child of Roy L. Evans, a retired Air Force Sergeant, and music. His mother, Susie M. Evans, is an elementary school teacher and writer. Recognizing his talents at a very tender age, his parents, teachers, and peers immediately encouraged his interest in art. At fourteen, Maurice landed his first professional art job as a freelance artist for a commercial art firm in Griffin, Georgia.