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    Sitting Pretty

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    Plate Size:  22x30
    Edition Size: 50
    Screen Print

    Holston’s etchings have been critically acclaimed as “superb depictions of people, landscapes and scenes from daily life.” He personally executes every step in the creation of his prints, from the actual drawing on the copper or zinc plate through the printing of the entire edition. As an etcher, he has mastered the art of evoking mood, texture, and space through simple line and tone. Holston’s screen prints display the same boldness of expression and attention to the details of color and composition as his paintings. Often involving dozens of separate screens to compose the finished image, these originals prints represent weeks of painstaking work in close collaboration with a master printer. Holston creates his own color separations in order to insure that the final prints meets his exacting standards and conforms to his artistic vision. Eighteen prints are from Holston's visual narrative Color in Freedom: Journey along the Underground Railroad. "In embarking on this project, Holston join[s] the ranks of generations of artists who have created art as a vehicle to witness, reflect on, confront, question, and ultimately deepen understanding of history."--Katherine L. Blood, Curator of Fine Prints, Library of Congress.



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