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Annie Lee

Annie Lee was a Chief Clerk in the Engineering Department of a railroad. Today, Annie Lee is an internationally acclaimed artist and gallery owner known to art collectors the world over as "Annie Lee".

As an adult, one Monday morning at five o'clock as Annie Lee tried to get it together, she came up with "Blue Monday." She wondered if anybody else felt as bad as she did having to go out on that cold winter morning to catch the bus to work. Annie Lee is a humorist and a realist and her style has been referred to as "Black Americana."

Annie Lee will tell you her secret to success is her faith in God and a willingness to help others. God did this through me. You have to have faith. I never thought I would leave the railroad, but it was the best thing I ever did. It was hard to leave the security, but you have to take a leap of faith."

Annie Lee (63)

My Cup Runneth Oner


Sweet & Juicy


Compliments to The Cook


Two Scoops and a Refund


Sleeping And Soaking


Personal Furnace


Stage Door Exit


Gimme Dat Gum


When We Get Lemons Make Lemonade